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The Benefits of Your Personal Health Record (PHR)

When visiting the doctor, people no longer have to carry their health records in cumbersome files. Technology advances have made it is possible to carry your health record in devices that will fit in your pocket and there are dedicated websites that save and update our digital health record. Health professionals need to keep track of and share when necessary our medical history which means it is necessary to have a PHR. A PHR is the consolidated information that is related to the patient's health that is managed and stored.

PHR's have evolved they are kept by various technologies including personal health software and websites where health professionals have access to these records through Personal Health Record. The main reason for keeping the PHR is to help doctors provide better care by having this valuable health information on hand to refer to and to keep track of a patient's personal health. The PHR should ideally have all information that is related to a patient's health. The information that is stored in the PHR is critical health information. This type of information could save the patient's life in case of an emergency.

PHR's have many benefits to the health care physicians and the patients. This detailed health record may be used by doctors to make critical decisions during the time of an emergency. PHR's are kept confidential through the use of passwords. Everybody wants their health records to be secure and safe and not misused. PHRs permit patients to keep their health documents secure and safe. The benefits of PHRs are numerous and they are fast becoming necessary to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy.

Discover What Makes Hospitals Philadelphia Great

Good hospitals Philadelphia are not hard to come by, as long as you know on what medical institutions you can rely. After all, when it comes to a medical emergency, every second matters, and the type of care you, or someone you love, is given can certainly make all of the difference in the world. Therefore, choosing a hospital that is committed to providing you superior medicine and personal care through its clinical centers of excellence should always be your number one choice.Often what makes one health centre better than the rest is the type of emergency department it has. Hospitals Philadelphia that provide around the clock care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have a staff of experienced physicians and nurses available at all hours of the day and night, is one that offers a leading-edge environment. The reason is the more staff that is available, the less time there is to wait in the ER, which means you, and those you love, are tended to faster.In addition, to having good, safe-practicing doctors, quality medical devices and equipment can make one hospital superior to another. Having the latest digital imaging services, private treatment rooms, as well as on-site cardiovascular care and so on, are all things you should take into account when choosing hospitals Philadelphia for treatment or even for a career.

Erectile Dysfunction in Elderly Men

Men can suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence at any point of time in their lives but according to a survey conducted, 50% men over the age of 50 more commonly experience erectile dysfunction. Erection problems become more frequent with age. Earlier men thought that it has to do more with the age but it has been proved that erectile dysfunction in elderly patients has more to do with diseases than age. Older men tend to suffer more from physical problems like cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases which form a major cause of erectile dysfunction. Also, age causes decreased concentration of elastic fibers and smooth muscle fibers, both of which play an important part in erection.

Erectile dysfunction is very much curable so men should find professional help. The treatment choice for older men does not differ from impotent men in general. These include PDE-5 inhibitors (like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra), penile injections, hormone therapy, behavioral therapy and psychotherapy. Effective oral medications have changed the course of treatment for ED and are effective in nearly 70 - 75 % of cases. Several online resources are available for more detailed information about these drugs.


The Use of Brochures to Benefit Doctors

Believe it or not, doctors can actually do some promotion with brochures if they do it the right way. What’s interesting is that booklet printing is often thought of as a dead end type of marketing because everyone sees the printing, but they never really pay attention to it. That’s because the marketing is not being done in the right way.

What a doctor has the capability of doing is creating a pamphlet that does two things: first, answer the question of a problem. By stating the cure to a common ailment or something along those lines, a doctor is able to make the patient feel better. Once the patient feels a bit better, the next section can be about said doctor. What this does is give that doctor a sense of respect with the patient so the patient will check them out.

The same thing is with small businesses and new start-ups. If you provide a service to a particular problem, what happens is the customer gains a certain level of respect. That respect turns over to become a potential customer. It is imperative, though, that you fix a problem and provide your marketing information briefly. Pamphlets shouldn’t be books.