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The 5 most common geriatric problems and how to overcome it

There are many geriatric problems facing seniors. Some of them are very common among geriatric patients and the others are very hard to treat with no cure. Some would have to buy cheap prescription drugs, while the others need regular rehabilitation procedures moreover the other would have surgery. In general, most of common geriatric problems consist of 5 types, there are:

1. Cognitive Loss; including alzheimer and dementia
2. Depression
3. Visual impairment
4. Joint pain
5. Hearing problems

Cognitive loss means problems occur related to loss of memory. Include loss of reasoning, concentration, intelligence, and other mental functions. This happened a lot in senior community. Alzheimer and dementia are advanced form of cognitive problems. There is no cure for this problems but antioxidant can be used as a treatment.

Depression is a medical illness which intense feelings of sadness appeared. It also related to low mood that affect someone’s behavior and thoughts. Some of senior feel depression throughout their lives.Feel loneliness may be the most common factor behind depression. If we have a relative who are geriatric one and feel depressed we should give our care to them. While some prescription like Prozac and Lexapro may be help. Seek immediate consultation to physician or geriatrician for this matter.

Elder Care in Portland, Oregon

Elder Care Portland is made safe and dignified with At Your Home Care LLC which has served clients in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties for more than a decade. The company was co-founded by a medically-retired teacher who suffered from acute diabetes and needed care herself – the continued commitment to seniors is apparent.

Best Place for Dentures and Implant Bars

When considering implant bars or other forms of prosthetic dentistry, especially for geriatric patients, Wiand Dental Laboratory products represent the finest choice in the Scottsdale, AZ, area.

Since 1992, Wiand Dental Laboratories has been crafting everything from conventional
dentures to complex implant supported over-dentures and implant bars. Wiand Dental

The Jitterbug cell phone just got even better for seniors.

Now doing business under the company name GreatCall, the Jitterbug senior cell phone andservice has greatly expanded with new offerings designed specifically with seniors in mind. Butits still that same great feel with quality products, great service and friendly customer supportavailable 24-hours per day that have always been Jitterbug’s trademark.This senior cell phone is one of the country’s most reliable networks, so consistent service is thenorm. GreatCall phones work most everywhere in the United States that major cell companiesoperate.

Jitterbug J featured on The TODAY Show - is GreatCall’s main phone and themodel many Americans came to identify with the company. But this easy-to-use flip phone withlarge keypad, powerful speakers and simple texting capabilities are only a small part of what isavailable for those who want more than just a senior cell phone.The Jitterbug cell phone works with a wide range of monthly plans that have no contracts.GreatCall.com has an app store where users can choose from a number of additionalservices from voice mail and text messaging to innovative new programs like "MedicationReminder," "Live Nurse," "The Check-In Call," and "My World" - a helpful function that allows theuser to check weather, sports scores, stocks and other interests.

Geriatric Physical Therapy

There are many reasons why a geriatric patient might need physical therapy. From joint replacement, to osteoporosis and arthritis, physical therapy is a proven means for geriatric patients to improve their strength and balance, build confidence, and remain physically active.

Physical therapy and work rehabilitation is vital in order to reduce pain, increase overall wellness and fitness, and prevent decline in ability and agility. For example, tf the patient participates in knee replacement physical therapy, it can help restore the range of motion, and in some cases, increase or restore physical strength and flexibility. physical therapy new jersey usally work with patients individually, evaluating their physical abilities, and designing a rehabilitation program accordingly.