Muscle Stimulators In Geriatric Health

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of geriatric health is pysical therapy. However, deterioration of health that is often accompanied with advancing age and the ability to care for one's self can be direclty attributable to muscle loss and the deterioration of physical well being due to the lack of physical excecise. Becuse physical deteriroation increased the older we get, it is important that we excersize regularly and participate in physical activity.

While many geriatric patients go and see a physical therapist to improve and prolong their functionaly ability, it can be expensive and inconvenient. An alternative many geriatirc patients are now considering is electionic Muscle Stimulators. In addition to the physical therapy benefits that muscle stimulators can provide, they can also be an effective treament for chronic pain.

Muscle stimulators can be very effecive and have few side effects, however, they should onlky be used after consulting a physician, and they should only be purchsed from a reputable source.