The 5 most common geriatric problems and how to overcome it

There are many geriatric problems facing seniors. Some of them are very common among geriatric patients and the others are very hard to treat with no cure. Some would have to buy cheap prescription drugs, while the others need regular rehabilitation procedures moreover the other would have surgery. In general, most of common geriatric problems consist of 5 types, there are:

1. Cognitive Loss; including alzheimer and dementia
2. Depression
3. Visual impairment
4. Joint pain
5. Hearing problems

Cognitive loss means problems occur related to loss of memory. Include loss of reasoning, concentration, intelligence, and other mental functions. This happened a lot in senior community. Alzheimer and dementia are advanced form of cognitive problems. There is no cure for this problems but antioxidant can be used as a treatment.

Depression is a medical illness which intense feelings of sadness appeared. It also related to low mood that affect someone’s behavior and thoughts. Some of senior feel depression throughout their lives.Feel loneliness may be the most common factor behind depression. If we have a relative who are geriatric one and feel depressed we should give our care to them. While some prescription like Prozac and Lexapro may be help. Seek immediate consultation to physician or geriatrician for this matter.

Visual impairment connects with some loss of vision. Sometimes even with eyeglasses you may not see well. Visual impairment can be grouped into 3 degrees: low vision, severe vision and legal blindness. Geriatric patient commonly have low and severe vision that include glaucoma also. The treatment would be available by prescription medication. Depends on the problem, whether you have cataract or glaucoma. You should seek your doctor for immediate assistance. Regular screening is also recommended for senior since this condition tends to grow as become older the person is.

Joint disorder experienced by many elderly. This happened because as people grow older the cartilage at the joint became weaker. Osteoarthritis is the example. Exercise regularly is more like prevention rather than medication. Anti-inflammatory medications may help relieve the pain even no cure for it.

Hearing problems associated with sudden or gradual decrease in how well you can hear. It is usually worsen when you become older. Almost half of geriatric patient have a problem with hearing loss. It could be missing certain sounds and also total deaf. Using hearing aids can help. But some medication or special training can be very helpful also. Seek physician opinion regarding this matter, sometime surgery also an appropriate option if you want to hear completely.